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Active. Inclusive. Together.

Making Bristol the best city for disability inclusive sport and physical activity. 

We believe all Disabled people in Bristol have the right to be ACTIVE.


We want Bristol to be the best city for INCLUSIVE sport.


We can do this TOGETHER.

Ignite Bristol

What is Ignite Bristol?

Ignite Bristol is a movement to get more Disabled people active in Bristol. It's a place to showcase inclusive activities for participants and a new Network of individuals, clubs and organisations working together to make Bristol a more disability inclusive, active city. It celebrates what already exists, whilst striving for more. 

Why is it needed?

Disabled people are half as likely to be active as non-disabled people. There currently aren't enough inclusive opportunities, and those that do exist, aren't well-known or easy to find. 

What we're aiming to do:

1.  Share inclusive, active opportunities in one place, making it easier for everyone to find something that is suitable.

2.  Listen to Disabled people, their experiences, needs and wishes through informal conversations and surveys. 

3.  Support clubs and organisations to create and deliver inclusive opportunities for participating, volunteering, coaching and leading.

4.  Bring together people from sport, disability, health and education sectors to connect, learn and collaborate.

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