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Map of Bristol, South Gloucestershire, Bath & North East Somerset, and North Somerset. Area around Bristol is circled.


Ignite Bristol is based on the simple belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be physically active throughout their life, and by working together, we have a much greater chance of achieving that. 


To be the best city for disability inclusive sport and physical activity.

James, Tom and Jess from Bristol Inclusive Thrill Seekers


Active. Inclusive. Together. 

Ignite Bristol will bring together local, regional and national partners in one  group focused on inclusive sport and physical activity in the greater Bristol area. 


From volunteers to CEOs, the group will support the development of life-long participation by sharing signposting, best practice and development opportunities in a fair and accessible way.

Our Values:


We believe everyone benefits from inclusion and should have equal access to sport and physical activity in their local community.


We prioritise meeting the needs of our community above all else.


We strive for excellence through innovative, collective, strategic approaches.


We actively support Network members to develop opportunities, support wider events, and be advocates for inclusivity.

Our Dream:

Imagine a Bristol where...

Disabled people are engaged and helping to drive the initiative.


Clubs and groups are healthy and thriving because they have all the support they need.


There's lots of quality, meaningful sport and physical activity opportunities, creating genuine local choice.


It’s easy to know what opportunities are available and suitable.

Professionals supporting Disabled people know where to refer them. 


More people are doing more sport and exercise. 

Organisations connect and collaborate knowing they have shared beliefs and values.


There's an easily accessible forum enabling the easy exchange of resources and knowledge.


A united voice champions change. 

Bristol is a city where we understand each others needs and experiences - it's learnt to value difference.

Equality is achieved.

If you would like to change this from imagination to reality,

then join us. We can only do this by working together.

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